Board of Directors

Steve Ovel, President
Executive Director
Governmental Relations
Kirkwood Community College

Scott Friauf, Vice President
Executive Vice President,
Rinderknecht Associates Inc.

Nancy Evans, Treasurer
Faculty, Retired
Coe College

W. Fred Mims, Secretary
Associate Athletic Director
University of Iowa

Robert E. Dvorsky
State Senator

John Brandt
Executive Director
Linn County Community Services

Richard Heft
Special Agent (Retired)
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Wally Horn
State Senator

Robert Kazimour
RFK Transportation, Inc.

Gerald R. Hinzman
Director, Sixth Judicial District
Department of Correctional Services, Retired

Vicki Lensing
State Representative

Charles Krogmeier
Simmons, Perrine, Moyer, Bergman, PLC

Daryl Spivey
President (Retired)
KSF Associates Inc.

T. A. Parks
K.W. Products, Inc.

Allan Thoms
Director (Retired)
Iowa Dept of Economic Development
Keith Rippy
Executive Director
Area Ambulance Service

Susie Weinacht
Cedar Rapids City Council


Community Corrections Improvement Association (CCIA) is a 501(c)(3) foundation established in 1991 to build solutions for safer communities in the state of Iowa.

CCIA's Mission

To support community based corrections with community involvement, acceptance, and financial resources to establish and embrace pro-active programs that break the cycle of dysfunction for the family.

Over the past fifteen years CCIA has become a local, state, and national leader and continues to redefine the critical issues and provide solutions for safer communities. CCIA remains at the fore-front as a powerful and innovative organization by:

CCIA’s goal as a working foundation is to provide critical services now and to provide visionary leadership for the future.